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Education Pioneer is India's premium educational consulting platform that offers education solutions with a gamut of information that falls between the academics domain. Being an online education solution provider based in Delhi, Education Pioneer is progressively becoming an individual platform to gain knowledge about academic profiles for students of all age groups.

We are a one stop shop for India or Abroad education consultancy, aiming at integrating academic options, solutions, research, study resources, organizations. Our expertise lies not just in Indian education situation, but we are also well-versed with education abroad and their prerequisites, i.e. if you wish to study outside India. Our knowledge and expertise is reflected in the information we share with our clients through our website and in person.

  Education Pioneer envisions itself

  • At becoming a global education hub that establishes itself as an outright one-stop platform for all education related queries and solutions for India and abroad.
  • To enhance the education quality and the education system in India by bridging the gap between students and educational institutions.
  • To become a sole platform for different professional education services.
  • Making Education Pioneer an accessible portal for all to reach, anywhere, anytime.

  The mission of Education Pioneer is the field of education is:

  • To create a global platform for education needs
  • To resolve education related problems in India
  • To help people with all education related information, data and statistics
  • To simplify the complicated admission procedures and protocols
  • To gather & organize the information from around the globe & make it accessible & useful.
  • To make contribution in the field of education for the advancement of mankind.
  • To help in admission, documentation, visa and study loans

India has made a colossal progress in terms of education and the literacy rate that has increased over the years. The primary education has helped pave way for a concrete foundation for all students and consequently it has led to the great economic development as well. The credit for education boom is certainly attributed to the Government of India that provides funding for it on various levels. However, despite the fact that India has a very large education sector, there was a need for an absolute and inclusive platform that shared information regarding everything related to various education options.

The biggest problem faced by students for so many years was the lack of useful or genuine information regarding different institutions, because either there are so many or there are very few institutes. Nevertheless, all students tussle analyzing various options available to them and picking the right one for them because there isn't a platform in Indian education system that offers outright comprehensive information, insights and criteria that complements and suffices the very minute doubts or requirements of a parent, a child, a youth or an adult who wants to garner more information and authentic data about the available options. This becomes more problematic at centre, state and regional level, especially when one needs to know more about a particular education institution, courses, fees or technical requirements. Similarly, various professional education institutes and service providers are not able to utilize their channels to access the student segment of our country. Therefore, Education Pioneer was conceived by keeping in mind these entire brief yet the most pivotal requirements faced by students of India.

Education Pioneer is thus, an exclusive platform that showcases elaborate information about educational institutes starting from pre-schools to universities, different professional courses, exam preparation, expert counseling, and educational events to name a few. It is just the right place for you if you seek to know more about everything related to education.

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